Seals of Creation: Science Fiction forward (part 1) by Author Jamie Noe

Seals of Creation: Science Fiction forward (part 1) by Author Jamie Noe.

Science Fiction forward (part 1) by Author Jamie Noe

Here is an article I have written about some of the background and perspective

thinking that drives the mechanics and philosophy of the “Seals of Creation” book

series. I have been so busy writing the 2nd book in the series (name to be released

soon) that I had not had a chance to sit down and give readers a little insight into

the series and I wanted to compose this article for every ones benefit. “Seals of

Creation book 1 Awakening” is out and with the 2nd books manuscript already nearing

the 3rd quarter of completion. So I hope everyone enjoys this article. The full

article is available on my blog.

Sincerely: Jamie Noe


Seals of Creation: Seals of Creation (book 1) Awakening promotion

Seals of Creation: Seals of Creation (book 1) Awakening promotion.

Seals of Creation (book 1) Awakening is now available in the Apple IBookstore in

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phones, etc. It is also available through Amazon and Barns & Noble in print if you

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Happy reading everyone.


Sincerely: Jamie Noe