Authors Note about book 2 in the Seals of Creation book series

The journey that is “Seals of Creation” will span a number of books, each book being a large novel that carries the tale further along it’s path. A special note, these works are a voyage into Darkness. I have read many books including science fiction, philosophy, history, mythology, the sciences and the list goes on. I praise authors & researchers for their works and in that vast pool that reveals knowledge that is eldritch, conceptual & of infinite potential. I have gleamed many things from all i have read and this process will continue. The 2nd book in the series (soon to have it’s name revealed & soon to come to print) is a “game changer” so to speak. While I have seen others touch on the rough contours of “Darkness”, I will deliver to you it’s essence in purest form. You will not merely experience it’s boundary or be teased by it’s edges, I will draw you into it’s depth’s and explain it’s meaning’s in great detail. The 1st book in the “Seals of Creation” series named “Awakening” is the bedrock upon which the story is built but it was only the starting point. True Darkness await’s you the reader and I have many sight’s to show you as we progress along together deeper through this strange story. Additionally it is a very personal journey that I am writing in this tale and as we go forward we will explore the essence of true Darkness.
Sincerely: Jamie Noe. Author of “Seals of Creation.”

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