Seals of Creation: Seals of Creation (book 2) manuscript finished

Seals of Creation: Seals of Creation (book 2) manuscript finished.

Seals of Creation (book 2)

I am pleased to announce that the manuscript for “Seals of Creation” (book 2)

is complete and is now in the editing phase. I will release the name and more

detailed information about the content as the release time draws closer. What I can

tell you is “be prepared for an incredibly intense experience in this second book.”

The stakes are raised as unexpected events throw Quest, his companions and the

entire galaxy into an uproar that spirals into a fast paced adventure. Places and

spectacles that are the stuff dreams are made of will not only be hinted at; they

will be fully immersive. The plot will twist and turn in ways you would never

expect as light is shed on some mysteries while other vistas are shrouded in

deepening darkness.

In the meantime sci-fi adventure lovers who are looking for a new kind of

adventure story can get caught up by reading the first book in the series “Seals of

Creation (book 1) Awakening. The first book is available in paperback and a wide

variety of e-book formats to suit your individually preferred reading method. Below

are links where you can find and purchase your copy of the first book in the series

so that you’re ready for what comes next.

You can also keep up with what I am doing with the Seals of Creation series as


I create it at the various links posted via social media.

Thank you: Jamie Noe.!/WickedHorizon1

(Now here are links to where you can get the first book “Seals of Creation book 1

Awakening” in a variety of formats from traditional paperback to a wide variety of

ebook formats.)

(Barns & Noble paperback and Nook ebook)


(Paperback version)

(Paperback on Amazon)


(Kindle e-book version link below)