Seals of Creation (book 2) editing progressing nicely

The up-coming 2nd book in the Seals of Creation series is progressing nicely through the editing process. I am very excited about this 2nd book; it is filled with action, adventure and unexpected plot twists that take the story to new and exciting places in all aspects. Over the summer I will reveal the name of the book and I am also hard at work creating the art for the front and back cover. My posts have been spaced a little during this part of the process because of the intense work that goes into editing and additionally the creation of the art to accompany the next book.

You can also keep up with what I am doing with the Seals of Creation series as I create it at the various links posted via social media.
Thank you: Jamie Noe.

P.S if you have trouble accessing any of these links just backspace over a blank break so that the links are fully connected.)!/WickedHorizon1

(Now here are links to where you can get the first book “Seals of Creation book 1 Awakening” in a variety of formats from traditional paperback to a wide variety of ebook formats.)

(Barns & Noble paperback and Nook ebook)

(Paperback version)

(Paperback on Amazon)

(Kindle e-book version link below)

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